Accident Investigation and Prevention Section (AIG)

Accident Investigation Authorities
    ◊   Addresses
ADREP - the ICAO Accident/Incident Data Reporting System
    ◊   Overview
Accident Statistics
    ◊   Historic accident rates from 1945 onwards

    ◊   Developments (number of accidents) over the last decade

    ◊   Accident categories ranking in terms of number of accidents / fatal accidents

    ◊   Accident categories : emerging trends

    ◊   Accident Rates by Region
Detailed information on accident categories of major importance
    ◊   CFIT - controlled flight into terrain

    ◊   Loss of control ground/flight

    ◊   Loss of control in flight

    ◊   All technical problems

    ◊   Powerplant

    ◊   Other components/systems

    ◊   Runway excursions


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