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icao environmental report
Under the policy framework adopted by the International Civil
Aviation Organization (ICAO) in 2010 (Assembly Resolution
A37-19), market-based measures (MBMs) are included in
a “basket of measures” that Member States can use to
address CO
emissions produced by international aviation.
To better understand and assess these measures, ICAO
undertook a number of different studies. In 2001, ICAO’s
Committee on Aviation Environmental Protection (CAEP)
performed an economic analysis of various MBMs
that might
be used to reduce CO
emissions from aviation. Following
that, further studies and research were performed by CAEP,
and several ICAO Documents have been published on the
subject since 2007 (see
on ICAO Policies and Guidance
Material on Climate Change).
In 2010, the ICAO Assembly requested that the Council, “…with
the support of Member States and international organizations,
continue to explore the feasibility of a global MBM scheme
by undertaking further studies on the technical aspects,
environmental benefits, economic impacts and the modalities
of such a scheme, taking into account the outcome of the
negotiations under the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework
Convention on Climate Change) and other international
developments, as appropriate, and report the progress for
consideration by the 38
Session of the ICAO Assembly”
The research into options for a global MBM scheme involving
international aviation began in 2011, with an initial literature
review of planned and existing MBMs, in particular those related
to aviation. In early 2012, six potential options for a global MBM
scheme for aviation were identified, and the criteria by which they
would be evaluated were elaborated, building upon the guiding
principles (Annex to Resolution A37-19). In June 2012, the ICAO
Council narrowed the MBM options to three – global mandatory
offsetting, global mandatory offsetting with revenue, and global
emissions trading; and requested that further quantitative and
qualitative assessment of these options be undertaken.
This article provides an overview of the results of the two studies
undertaken by the ICAO Secretariat to assess the feasibility of
a global MBM scheme. This work was undertaken during 2012
and 2013 with the support of the MBM Experts nominated by
Member States and international organizations.
market-based measures
Potential Impacts of Market-based
Measures on International Aviation
ICAO Secretariat
ICAO Policies and Guidance
Material on Climate Change
• ICAO 37
Assembly Resolution (A37-19)
• ICAO's
Policies on Charges for Airports
and Air Navigational Services
(Doc 9082)
• ICAO's
Policies on Taxation in the Field
of International Air Transport
(Doc 8632)
• ICAO Council Resolution on Environmental
Charges and Taxes (9 December 1996)
Guidance on the use of Emission Trading
for Aviation
(Doc 9885)
Scoping Study of Issues Related to Linking
“Open” Emissions Trading Systems Involving
International Aviation
(Doc 9949)
Report on Voluntary Emissions Trading for Aviation
(Doc 9950)
Offsetting Emissions from the Aviation Sector
(Doc 9951)
Report on the Assessment of Market-Based
(Doc 10018)
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