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chapter 5
State Action Plans To Reduce Aviation CO
icao environmental report
of Emissions Trading for Aviation
(Doc 9885),
A Scoping
Study of Issues Related to Linking “Open” Emissions Trading
Systems Involving International Aviation
(Doc 9949) and
Offsetting Emissions from the Aviation Sector
(Doc 9951).
Regulatory Measures/Other
These measures could include airport movement caps/slot
management policy, requirements for the use of sustainable
alternative fuels, and enhancing weather forecasting services,
among others. Proper assessment would be needed to
address the feasibility and emissions reduction potential of
each measure.
The voluntary preparation of their action plans will assist States
in identifying the basket of measures to be implemented to
limit or reduce CO
emissions from international aviation,
as well as the specific assistance needs to implement such
measures, including financing, technical assistance, and
training/capacity-building. In turn, it will allow ICAO to address
the specific needs of States in terms of facilitating access to
the required assistance.
MBM – Switzerland Action Plan
The Swiss Action Plan is a combination of European-
wide supranational measures with the participation of
Switzerland, as well as genuine Swiss national measures
undertaken by various actors of the Swiss aviation system.
Some of the national activities reported are:
a) Carbon offset – SWISS Int. Air Lines offers its customers
to offset the CO
emissions generated each time they
travel by air. SWISS Int. Air Lines and Lufthansa have
entered into a partnership with the non-profit foundation
myclimate, a Swiss-based charitable foundation,
which provides carbon offsetting measures. This
“carbon offset” amount will be invested by myclimate
in climate protection projects selected by SWISS Int.
Air Lines. The foundation assures that this will save the
same amount of CO
as was generated by the
passenger’s flight.
b) The Swiss ETS – On 23 December 2011 the Swiss
parliament passed the CO
act. This legal framework
allows the Federal Council to define sectors, for
example that of civil aviation, which will be included in
the Swiss emission trading system (ETS). Negotiations
with the EU about linking the Swiss ETS and the EU
ETS are currently being conducted.
For more information on the Switzerland Action Plan,
please visit:
Regulatory Measures – China Action Plan
The CAAC, in accordance with the “Guidelines” that
were released “…is going to materialize its emissions
reduction objectives into three phases and therefore a
target benchmark has been set for each Phase: Phase I,
to strengthen the foundation (2011 to 2012), Phase II,
to scale up the promotion (2013 to 2015) and Phase III,
analysis, innovation and optimization (2016 to 2020). By
the end of each phase, a reduction of 11%, 15% and
22% respectively, is expected to be achieved in fuel
consumption per RTK with the year 2005 as baseline.”
Efforts have been made by the CAAC to explore a system
of “Data – Collecting, Monitoring and Evaluating”, aiming at
a more accurate understanding of energy consumption by
the sector, promote the establishment of an industry-wide
energy conservation and emissions reduction scheme, and
accelerate the development of a long term mechanism to
address energy conservation and emissions reduction,
as well as climate change in the sector so as to meet the
industry’s needs for its future sustainable development.”
For more information on China’s Action Plan, please
Creation of an Environmental Management Unit
within the Civil Aviation Authority Structure –
Venezuela Action Plan
“The National Civil Aviation Institute, through its Planning
and Budgetary Office, is currently working on a project to
create the structure for a unit designed to deal with matters
related to the environment within the Aviation Authority.
The overall purpose for creating the unit is to implement
the national government’s policies related to this subject
and to provide environmental management services to
the aviation community”.
Figure 6:
ICAO Regional Hands-on Training Workshop
for States' Action Plans on CO
Emissions Reduction
Activities, Nairobi, Kenya, 4 to 6 July 2011.
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