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chapter 5
State Action Plans To Reduce Aviation CO
icao environmental report
Next Steps
Based on the States’ action plans received to date, ICAO
has identified how action plans could be improved upon,
and is looking ahead to further enhancement activities to be
undertaken over the next triennium.
Areas where further development is required include more
robust data reporting on CO
emissions by States, and more
detailed information on the specific measures selected along
with their corresponding environmental benefits. ICAO is also
looking for more widespread use of tools such as the ICAO
Fuels Savings Estimation Tool (IFSET), and the ICAO Carbon
Emissions Calculator
(see article
ICAO Environmental Tools
Chapter 1 in this report). In their submissions, States should
clearly identify exactly where technical assistance and financial
support are needed.
Nevertheless, the significant amount of good work undertaken
in connection with the development of action plans and the
level of support and commitment to the process by States
has been impressive. In an effort to maintain the momentum
of the first phase of this initiative, and to keep States engaged
and actively involved in the action plan process, it is necessary
for ICAO to open a new dialogue with States to exchange
perspectives on how ICAO could better assist States to
improve their action plans and support the implementation
of the selected measures. This will constitute the second
phase of this initiative.
As described above, ICAO developed a comprehensive strategy
to further support States in preparing and/or updating their
action plans, as well as to support those States that require
assistance in implementing the measures identified in their
action plans. In this regard, additional regional training seminars
will be planned across the ICAO Regions, in collaboration with
the ICAO Regional Offices, Member States, and international
and regional organizations. These seminars will focus on the
improvement of data collection and the use of tools in the
action plans already submitted. States are encouraged to
submit and update their action plans by mid-2015, in order to
enable the global data compilation by ICAO.
Moreover, ICAO is currently exploring the establishment of
new partnerships with other international organizations for
State Action Plan funding and to secure financing to facilitate
the implementation of the measures selected by States for
inclusion in their action plans. (see article
Assistance and
Financing Opportunities for Emissions Reduction Measures
Chapter 6 in this report).
The overarching objective of this project is to contribute to
international and regional efforts to address growing CO
emissions from international aviation toward the development
of a low carbon air transport sector.
Figure 8:
ICAO Regional Hands-on Training Workshop for States' Action Plans
on CO
Emissions Reduction Activities, Mexico City, Mexico, 2 to 4 May 2011.
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