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icao environmental report
The Sustainable UN facility (SUN) was created in 2008 by
The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) with
the explicit goal to support the commitment made by the
UN heads of agencies, funds and programmes in 2007 to
implement the UN Climate Neutral Strategy, which asks UN
entities to measure and reduce their own GHG emissions
and consider common options to offset them. SUN activities
take place in three primary focus areas: 1) management
(including procurement and travel), 2) buildings, and 3)
organizational culture (staff behaviour). Gradually the SUN
facility has expanded its portfolio of advice to promote a
systematic approach to environmental management in
support of the recent decision by the UN heads of agency
to implement environment management systems (EMS) in
all UN entities.
In June 2013 the SUN facility published the fourth edition of
the report “Moving Towards A Climate Neutral UN” which
contained GHG emissions data for the UN system in 2011
and documented efforts to reduce them in 2012. Total
emissions for 2011 were 1,751,534 CO
The report is the result of a very close and positive
collaboration between the SUN facility and a network of
63 UN system reporting entities. Such important work would
not be possible without the collaboration of ICAO and its
carbon emissions calculator (see article
ICAO Environmental
, Chapter 1 in this report), and the expertise that ICAO
makes available to ensure that travel data is accurate and
easy to report (see
Environmental Sustainability
Management Within ICAO
Air travel is consistently reported to be one of the largest
sources of greenhouse gas emissions for many UN
organizations, representing slightly more than 50% of
total GHG emissions on average. Consequently, these
organizations are focusing efforts on reducing the number
of flights undertaken and are introducing e-communications
as alternative solutions to air travel.
Number of UN staff (including
peacekeeping operations)
Number of reporting institutions
Total emissions
1,751,534 tCO
Emissions per capita
7.9 tCO
Air travel per capita
4.0 tCO
The operation of physical facilities such as offices and other
buildings are also major contributors to greenhouse gas
emissions. A number of energy management strategies
are being applied, including: Leadership in Energy and
Environmental Design (LEED) certification, production of
renewable energy on site, and energy efficient technologies
such as LED lights and control systems. As a result, the
carbon footprints of many UN facilities are reducing.
The contribution of ICAO to “greener” decision-making in
the UN system goes beyond the ICAO carbon emissions
calculator. In 2011, ICAO made its “green meetings
calculator” available to all UN agencies and provided
training on its use. This software works by generating
an optimal location for a meeting in terms of lower
emissions, taking into consideration the city of origin
and the number of participants, as well as other parameters.
While many factors may affect the decision for where a
meeting should be held, the calculator helps facilitate the
planning process.
ICAO has also demonstrated its commitment to the
wider-reaching sustainability management initiatives by
providing substantial inputs to the SUN reports “Sustainable
Procurement Guidelines for Freight Forwarding” and
“Sustainable Events Guide”.
Isabella Marras
She is the Coordinator of the
Sustainable UN Facility, an
initiative hosted by UNEP to help
UN system organisations to move
the UN system towards corporate
environmentalmanagement. Shehas a legal background
and has worked on matters related to sustainable
consumption, education and sustainable procurement
for 15 years. Facilitating change towards sustainability
within organizations or in people’s personal lives is her
strong interest and professional focus.
ICAO Contribution To Environmental Sustainability
In the United Nations System
Isabella MARRAS
Table 1:
UN System Carbon Footprint in 2011.
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