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The global air navigation planning data is based on the ICAO Location Indicators. All reference to ICAO Location Indicators in the planning data is linked with the centralized ICAO Location Indicators database maintained at the ICAO headquarters, this database is also used to produce 'Document 7910 - ICAO Location Indicators' (Doc7910) on a quarterly basis.

The ICAO Location Indicators is now available on-line as a fee for service basis. However, ICAO staff members are granted access to the ICAO Location Indicators on-line service free of charge.

To access the service on-line click on the following link.

On-line Doc7910

First time public users might have to purchase an access to the Doc7910 on-line service. Follow the link below, once on this page, follow the instructions to subscribe to the Doc7910 on-line service.

ICAO eShop

First time ICAO staff members might have to request an access to the Doc7910 on-line service.
If you currently do not have a user account on the ICAO Secure Site, follow the link below and click the 'New User' link to create your account.

ICAO Secure Site

Follow the link below to subscribe to the ICAO Doc-7910 on-line service, once on this page, in the field 'Subscribe to:', enter 'Doc7910' and under the field 'Justification:', enter 'ICAO staff member', upon validation of your credentials, you will be granted access.

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